Established in 2001, HIPAA COW is a non-profit organization open to entities considered to be Covered Entities, Business Associates, and/or Trading Partners under HIPAA, as well as any other organization impacted by HIPAA regulations.

About HIPAA Collaborative of Wisconsin (HIPAA COW)

HIPAA COW is a not-for-profit charitable organization. The mission of HIPAACOW is to:

  • Assist HIPAA Covered Entities, Business Associates, and other interested parties in implementing HIPAA’s Privacy, Security and EDI Standard Transaction provisions, as amended over time.
  • Foster public education about HIPAA.
  • Facilitate and streamline HIPAA Implementation through the identification of best practices.
  • Reduce duplicate efforts among entities obligated to comply with HIPAA.
  • Offer opportunities for partnering and collaborating between entities implementing HIPAA.
  • Identify and evaluate new or difficult HIPAA interpretation issues.

HIPAA COW is overseen by a Board of Directors and currently has five Networking Groups: Privacy, Security, Risk Management, EDI & Healthcare IT.

HIPAA Cow provides resources and events to support HIPAA Compliance Officers, EDI Team Members and staff of Covered Entities and Business Associates who want or need more information about HIPAA and an opportunity to talk to others who have been there, done that or are going your way!!

Perhaps we need a Nebraska CORN (HIPAA Collaborative of Rural Nebraska)!