Understanding HIPAA & Accessing and Sharing: Training for Providers




This learning course provides an overview of HIPAA and its requirements. The course starts with a description of the basic history, background, and applicability of HIPAA and moves on to identify the areas of impact that HIPAA has on the learner’s organization. Key terms related to HIPAA are identified and compliance requirements are discussed with examples. Finally, the course identifies additional resources for information related to HIPAA followed by a post-assessment. After completion, you will receive a certification awarding your accomplishments.

For both the Payer and Provider versions, this learning course offers a more in-depth analysis of HIPAA and its requirements. This course begins by applying key HIPAA compliance requirements for accessing and sharing protected health information to your environment. Security policies, procedures, and safeguards are discussed, followed by a description of consumer controls over health information. Boundaries on medical use and release of protected health information are identified. Striking the balance between public responsibility and privacy protection is discussed, as well as the consequences of failing to establish accountability for use and release of protected health information. The use of existing state confidentiality laws is addressed. Finally, concepts are applied to the learner’s team environment followed by a post-assessment.

This course uses video and sound, please make sure you’re on a reliable device that supports audio.

You are required to visit every page and answer each question before you may continue to the next lesson.

Each lesson contains topics, some of which have a brief quiz. These quizzes typically range from 1-3 questions. You can take the question up to five times, and have the ability to go back and re-read the previous content. There are two post assessments at the end of Discovering HIPAA and Accessing and Sharing: Provider. These two post assessments DO NOT allow you re-answer the question. You must get a 70% to pass the course. After you complete the final post assessment you will be able to print your certificate.

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